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The Route 66 Gasconade River Bridge Guardians continue to work hard to raise awareness of the potential fate of the bridge since MoDOT closed it to traffic in December 2014. While our efforts during the past 3-plus years resulted in a “stay of execution” for the bridge, much still needs to be done.

We are filing an application for grant money with the NPS, but matching funds means you need $$ to get $$. We did NOT receive a full refund from Workin’ Bridges, therefore we published a GoFundMe account on Facebook and are requesting donations to help put us in a better position to do what needs to be done. Here’s the link:

We are working on a T-shirt campaign to raise additional funds. We hope to have a booth at the Shamrock, Texas, event in July to answer questions and discuss your ideas for the Bridge. 

We are better organized than we were three years ago:

1. We are now incorporated within the state of Missouri, under the Missouri Nonprofit Corporation Law.

2. We are now a 501©3 organization, so your donations could be tax deductible.

3. We have a good working relationship established with MoDOT.

4. We have several new ideas about raising interest in the bridge – so stay tuned!

5. We have an established Facebook group: Route 66 Gasconade Bridge – please repair:

6. We have an established Facebook page: The Rt. 66 Gasconade River Bridge Guardians:

We will be working hard in the coming months to raise the money necessary to save our Bridge.

1. We need to finance an engineering assessment of the condition of the bridge and obtain an estimate of costs required to make the bridge safe – perhaps for bicycle and or light traffic. Anticipated cost of survey: $8,000-$10,000.

2. We want to create a persona associated with the bridge so that it becomes a travel destination point.

3. We need to figure out how we can create a situation so that the bridge can help pay for its costs (insurance & continued upkeep).

4. We’d like to find an organization, private or governmental, that’s willing to take ownership of the bridge. We believe it has much potential.

The Guardians' core group is eight people strong, but we believe we have hundreds – no, thousands – of folks that are ready and willing to help us. We (Guardians) pledge that we will be transparent to the public with what we do, what our goals are, how much money we raise, and how it’s spent. We need your help in spreading the word, and we need your help in raising the funds needed, and we will need whatever time and talent you can donate to the cause of saving this grand old lady – The Gasconade River Bridge.

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