Cover of Winter 1995 Show Me Route 66 magazine

Cover of Winter 1995 Show Me Route 66 magazine, published by the Route 66 Association of Missouri

J. Floyd Caffey. Elsie Kimes. G.E. Wrinkle. Emis Spears. Harvey Shank. Bud Riley. All were important names in Laclede County’s Route 66 history. All were entrepreneurs. Several were visionaries.

All were featured in the Winter 1995 issue of Show Me Route 66, published by the Route 66 Association of Missouri. The entire issue was about Route 66 in Laclede County and included vintage advertising (compiled by Ada Moore) as well as two articles about the impact of Route 66 on Phillipsburg.

These 25-year-old stories are unique in that they were written by people who had first- or second-hand knowledge of the events. The family of John “Bud” Riley, who died in 1990, supplied his own first-person story about his experiences owning Riley’s Snack Bar. The other profiles were written by children, grandchildren or, in one case, a nephew of the subjects.

Your Lebanon-Laclede County Route 66 Society webmaster recently found a copy of the magazine in an old box in his basement and re-typeset the articles for Some of the accompanying photos are from the magazine, but many are from the “Scenes from Route 66 in Laclede County” collection on this website. Still others are from the 2002 book, “Route 66: Laclede County Memories 1926-1957,” published by The Lebanon Daily Record. The “If You Go” information comes from the 2020 edition of the Laclede County Route 66 Guide & Map.

Click here to read the stories. Enjoy!

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